Date:  19 September, 2014

Ontario Laboratory Accreditation


Ontario Laboratory Accreditation (OLA)

Ontario Laboratory Accreditation (OLA) assesses the ability of a lab to perform the scope of tests for which it is licensed and provides them with formal recognition of this competence through accreditation to the OLA 15189Plus™ standard. It also provides medical labs with the tools they need to standardize their processes, address diminishing resources and set a quality benchmark.

OLA 15189Plus™ accreditation requirements are based on ISO 15189 and are augmented with international standards for safety and point-of-care testing, national standards for blood safety, government regulation and generally accepted principles of good practice.

To achieve this, a laboratory undergoes an accreditation assessment visit conducted by a team of peers comprised of both quality system and technical experts carefully tailored to the scope of testing of the laboratory. If areas of non-conformance are cited, the laboratory is expected to take corrective action within 90 days of the visit. A panel determines if the laboratory meets the criteria for an accreditation certificate. Ongoing surveillance that includes a self-assessment mid-cycle, monitoring of proficiency testing/external quality assessment and changes within the laboratory ensures continued competency between assessment visits.

These rigorous standards provide the basis for our OLA 15189 Plus™ accreditation:

  • ISO 15189:2012(E) Medical laboratories—requirements for quality and competence

  • ISO 15190:2003(E) Medical laboratories—requirements for safety

  • ISO 22870:2006(E) Point-of-Care Testing (POCT)—requirements for quality and competence

  • CSA Z902-10 Blood and Blood Components February 2010

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Decoding ISO 15189 Interactive Online Education

Become OLA 15189PLUS™ Accredited
Demonstrate your commitment to excellence through accreditation to OLA 15189PLUS™. Labs interested in undergoing accreditation by the program that has accredited over 250 labs can apply through our distributor, IQMH. Learn more>>
Accreditation Requirements
OLA’s Accreditation Requirements translate complex ISO and Canada Standards Association (CSA) requirements into explicit criteria that your lab can use to prepare for accreditation. The Accreditation Requirements are available through our distributor, IQMH. Learn more>>
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